NEWS and Announcements

MARCH 17 2024

Grant Announcement for Conservation Partners

We have a new project starting this year. We have been awarded a QLD Government Grant in Threatened Species research to find Night Parrot populations in Queensland, identify Night Parrot habitats, and manage the known threats to the species. More information about all grant recipients can be read here.

FEBRUARY 20 2024

2023 Year in Review

2023 was a big year for us here at Conservation Partners.

Check out what we got up to.

JANUARY 9 2024

Australian Geographic features the Golden-shouldered Parrot

"An unlikely collaboration between pastoralists and conservationists is helping save the golden-shouldered parrot (Psephotus chrysopterygius), one of Queensland's prettiest and rarest parrots.⁠ ⁠ Once found abundantly on Queensland's Cape York Peninsula, as few as 700–1100 parrots remain in the wild since modern land use has transformed its ecosystems".⁠ ⁠ Learn more about this beautiful bird and the conservation efforts by reading the whole article here.

NOVEMBER 24 2023

Artemis is on BBC Planet Earth III

Planet Earth III, Extremes, is transmitting in the UK on BBC One this Sunday 26th November at 6.20pm UK time. BBC came to Artemis Station in 2022 and we helped them film a sequence on Golden-shouldered Parrots. The Planet Earth III series can be watched on 9Now in Australia.

AUGUST 17 2023

"Artemis Nature Fund" is evolving into "Conservation Partners"

Our work will remain the same: helping to conserve threatened wildlife mainly on private land. We will continue to work with Tom and Sue Shephard on Artemis Station. But we have two new projects that needed the support of a bigger, better structured organisation. (1) Searches for Buff-breasted Button-quail on Cape York and (2) Fire management and applied ecology on Chidna Station near Mount Isa.